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    Qualified legal assistance for companies and individuals

    We will help you to avoid the problems

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    consultation of a professional lawyer

    Special offer!

    Consultation and an urgent meeting with a lawyer to solve emergency legal issues 24 hours a day in Kiev from 700 UAH / hour

    What is included in the consultation:

    1. Detailed analysis of your situation from legal perspective and answers to your questions.

    2. Legal nuances that may arise during solving your question.

    3. Step-by-step action algorithm and a list of things which are forbidden to do.

    4. Approximate resolving time.

    Leave inquiry or call me:
    +38(093) 802-19-69

    Leave inquiry or call me:
    +38(093) 802-19-69

    Solving slients problems as my own!

    Legal assistance

    from one hour


    I work with:
    - Residents and non-residents of Ukraine
    - Companies
    - Individuals
    - Legislation of different countries

    Pre-trial settlement of disputes -
    the best solution for all problems through negotiations!

    Pre-trial settlement of disputes - this is one of the options for protecting your rights and interests, which can speed up obtaining the required result without a lengthy judicial procedure! Solving the dispute in court is usually a fairly long and costly process, which consists of many procedural actions. Resolution of the dispute in the pretrial order, depending on the complexity of the case usually takes about a couple of weeks. It is always better to look for a solution in a peaceful way.

    But the people not always can manage the situation in the peaceful way, therefore, we offer the following legal services:

    Legal services for companies

    Full legal support for the company Мore

    Legal assistance for startups Мore

    Preparation of contracts of any level of complexity (Ukrainian, Russian, English and other languages) Мore

    Preparation of legal conclusions Мore

    Litigations Мore

    Legal advice of any level of complexity

    Subscription services and tariffs for legal entities

    Legal services for individuals

    Legal advice of any level ofcomplexity Мore

    Litigation on Family law Мore

    Cases on inheritance Мore

    Preparation, analysis, editing
    of contracts, development of contracts

    Legal support at a notary

    Representation of interests in courts of all levels;

    Assistance in the peaceful settlement of disputes

    Free online consultation

    Price for services for individuals

    Legal support by subscription

    Legal support by subscription - this is the complex service for the client on all legal issues that may arise during the client’s’ business processes. Lawyer guarantees confidentiality, quality and timeliness of the provision of services. All the questions you will askto the Lawyer are not subject to disclosure and are confidential, attorney-client privilege.

    Main benefits to have legal support by subscription for companies are:

    Complex approach
    to resolving issues

    Fast reactionon
    the problem


    for result

    Subscription plans for companies

    We suggest you tochoose one of the following subscription plans:

    "Minimal" plan

    Legal support for one court case, in civil, administrative or economic process (preparation of replies, explanations);

    Up to 5 legal consultations;

    Preparation and legal support of 4 contracts


    Price from 3000 UAN / month

    Order now

    "Standard" plan

    Legal support forone court case, in a civil, administrative or economic process, includes the preparation of claims, replies, explanations, counterclaims;

    Up to 5 legal consultations, including written;

    Preparation and legal support of 5 contracts


    Pricefrom 4500 UAN / month

    Order now

    "Premium" plan

    Legal support up to five court cases in the civil, administrative or economic process, includes the preparation of claims, replies, explanations, counterclaims;

    Legal advice, including written;

    Visits to clients office, to discuss points; (in Kiev, up to 10-trips)

    Preparation and legal support of up to 10 contracts


    Pricefrom 15 000 UAN / month

    Order now

    *Terms of tariff plans are subject to discussion with the client, adjustment is possible taking into account the interests of the client;

    *The prices are valid for 2018;

    *Price depends on the complexity of the issue;

    *Volume of services which were not used during the month, won’t be transferred for the next month;

    *The information is referential.

    *It is possible to customize plan by adding extra services.

    *Final price and procedure for the provision of services are discussed at the conclusion of the contract.

    Price for legal services for individuals

    Legal services Price
    Initial legal consultation by phone Free
    Legal consultation
    Include: brief study of case materials; short verbal consultation on perspectives and possible ways of solving
    from 500 UAH / hour
    “Turnkey” court case (civil, economic or administrative)
    Include: study of case materials; preparation of a legal estimate; perspectives and possible solutions; preparation of all procedural documents; legal support in court of one level.
    *Does not include participation in court hearings, visits to authorities
    from 10 000 UAH / hour
    Participation in court hearing from 700 UAH
    Legal support at a notary from 300 UAH
    Preparation of a contracts

    Preparation of contracts in English

    Legal support on ongoing contracts

    from 1500 UAH / contract
    from 3000 UAH / contract
    from 2000 UAH / contract / year
    Litigation on Family law



    Court case on the property dividing

    Court case on alimony

    Court cases on inheritance

    from 500 UAH / hour
    from 3000 UAH

    from 7000 UAH
    from 5000 UAH
    from 7000 UAH
    Court cases on road accidents от 3000 грн
    Court cases on criminal law от 10 000 грн

    *Price depends on the complexity of the issue;

    *It is possible to choose the service that is of interest not listed in the list.

    *Final price and procedure for the provision of services are discussed at the conclusion of the contract.

    Your lawyer

    Kuderska Iryna

    In legal practice since 2006. A lawyer with more than 10 years of legal experience. I completed a long way in my practice from a attorney assistant to Lawyer.

    Worked as a senior attorney in a large international law firm, then in a holding. Was representing interests of more than 50 companies, both residents and non-residents of Ukraine. Have experience in preparing contracts for companies in Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Latvia, China, Korea, Britain, South Africa. Have experience of working with legal bodies of all levels, executive bodies, law enforcement agencies, fiscal (tax) bodies in Ukraine.

    Have experience in successfully solved court cases in family law, inheritance, debts and loan disputes, road accidents cases, administrative, tax disputes an other.

    Lawyer understands the importance of the case for the Client. Individual approach. Online 24/7 if needed.

    Within the framework of the law, Lawyer shall not disclose the information provided by the Client

    Do not postpone resolving of your problems! Leave an inquiry for free initial consultation by the professional Lawyer right now!

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